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What Are Industrial Catalysts?

A catalyst is something that speeds up chemical reactions without becoming a component of the end result. The time required for a product to form from the reaction of the reactants while remaining chemically unaltered is sped up or slowed down in this sense.   Catalyst use has increased significa...

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Usage of Coupling Agents

Silane coupling agents can be used in one of two ways. Before combining the inorganic components with the organic resin, the silane can either be used to treat the inorganic elements' surfaces or put directly into the organic resin. Surface Modification for Inorganic Materials Before being intr...

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Polymer stabilizers or functional agents are two main categories of polymer additives. Polymer stabilizers are necessary for practical usage because they preserve the inherent qualities, color, and other features of plastics by halting the oxidative breakdown brought on by high processing tempera...

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